V Neurobiology meeting, México. 2024

Our Social SfN 2023 was a success! Thanks to all who attended. 

Expect more surprises soon.


Create a dynamic network of neuroscientists from Latin America dedicated to advancing neuroscience research, enhancing neurological and mental health outcomes, and fostering collaboration across borders. Our approach involves promoting open dialogue, exchanging knowledge, and collaborating on initiatives.


Our vision is to offer a forum to join diverse Latin American neuroscientists, creating networking of collaboration and support. Promoting a culture of respect, curiosity, and mutual support, we aim to raise the profile of Latin America as a center of excellence in neuroscience and enrich the lives of people within and beyond our region through pioneering research and shared knowledge. 


The primary goal of NeuroLATAM is to increase cooperation and knowledge sharing among neuroscientists in Latin America. This initiative acknowledges the significant role that collaboration and information exchange play in advancing scientific understanding, accelerating research progress, and addressing complex challenges in neuroscience. 

Washington, DC. SfN 2023

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